We'll Help You Figure Out The Right Path For You

We Have The Tools To Get You Through It

We’re working on an advanced suite of tools to help our student members get the best education at the lowest cost. Before we ever suggest you take out a loan, we first help you compare schools, weigh the cost against the education, find scholarships and grants, as well as other free sources of college funding. 

While you may find these tools in other places, Thrivent aggregates them for you into one place. You can create a plan backed by our research and your choices, combined into a clear map of how to navigate choosing, planning and paying for college. And if, after that, you still find you need a loan to close the financial gap, we'll help you with that as well.

Cost vs Aid
Cost-of-College Comparison Tool
Financial Aid Finder Tool

We hope you’ll join us as we start to launch this toolset this fall. Your input and perspective matters. In the mean time, read some of our help resources below.


Borrow Wisely

A smarter, more informed start leads to a less interest-and-principal-burdened future. Here are some of the resources you need to avoid borrowing blindfolded.

Explore Scholarships and Grants


Repay Sensibly

Making loan payments on time is just the beginning. Here's a laundry list of other things you can do to be smarter about how you repay, and how much you repay.

Does Refinancing Make Sense For You


Live Creatively

We all make mistakes and learn as we go. So be kind and forgiving to yourself. It's key to the positive mindset you need to find creative ways of managing your student debt.

Choosing your college: The Price Factor


Give Generously

At the heart of what we do is a spiritual desire to help others. People who graduate from college, and with less debt, are in a better position to give to those in need. We hope you'll one day use our guidance to pay it forward.

Six Ways to Live Generously